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The sequel to this book is going to have some interesting twists and turns.  One unexpected event just happened this week; and, if it were not for the quick thinking of Providence, the sequel would have been the ending, last chapter, of ‘Foreclosure Fraud – Foreclosed Dream’.

Yes, there were some weird events that happened about a week before this last court date, and some very strange events during the night before the court date.  Tempers flaring and slacking on the part of an individual who should have been on top of everything, especially when they are paid to do so!


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FORECLOSURE FRAUD – FORECLOSED DREAM (Based on real events now on Amazon/Kindle)

My book is now available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99

I changed the title and cover to my book to: ‘Foreclosure Fraud – Foreclosed Dream’ and it is available on Amazon but, for some reason it still has the old book cover. Just click the image and you will see the new cover. Here is the link:

I took the liberty of writing a book about a credit union and bank and a couple unfortunately getting caught-up in a scam, which investors, judges, attorneys, etc. will just chant out, ‘Well, this is just the way it is done.”.  Or, ‘somebody has to pay’ has become another favorite line.  It is sad how they are getting away with it at the expense of honest, hardworking, homeowner!

Here is an excerpt from the Prologue of my book:


A young couple embarked on a journey of love, purchasing their dream house, and raising their children together. Sounds like any other couple, no big deal, that is, until the American economy took a nosedive and their lives took a dramatic turn. Then they find out that their mother is losing her home to foreclosure and let her move in with them. Their dream house became a financial burden and no matter whom they talked to or what they tried to do, no one would listen and no one wanted to help them save their home. No one would acknowledge or take ownership of the misrepresentations and miscommunications. They will do everything in their power, legally, to expose the wrongs being done against them, until whenever they are evicted or choose to leave on their own.

The names of people and entities have been changed to protect everyone involved; but, for you, their story might help you, from their personal experience, the steps to take when you are served with a Complaint in Foreclosure or, if you are facing the possibility of foreclosure, how to find out why you were not able to obtain a modification or re-modification to stop your foreclosure before it is too late to do anything. There are many wolves in sheep clothing just waiting for prey.

The quotes from letters, emails, and phone calls are true and correct copies of the originals but the names were changed to protect those involved and upcoming litigation. If you find something in this book that will help you or someone you know facing foreclosure, please do not hesitate using it. We can only hope it will help; but, remember that we are not attorneys and cannot offer any legal advice. This book is being written to enlighten you to the emotional upheaval that one suffers and the lies and misrepresentations that you should be aware of. In this situation, the couple found out that their home was collateral already used to some investor’s benefit and that they money they invested into it was going to be lost, as if they tossed it to the wind.



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The Ripoff Report website is a very resourceful place to find out who is bad business.

There is a Sheriff Sales scheduled for February  6, 2015 and incase you didn’t see this report, here it is…..

I believe, and documents show, that I have been the victim of a predatory loan and/or fraud. Then in 2011, a representative from CU MEMBERS MORTGAGE, a division of COLONIAL SAVINGS, F.A., servicers of the loan we have with DIAMOND CREDIT UNION in Pennsylvania, called me about paying the amount due.  In the course of the conversation, he stated that I should have never gotten this loan and that I could not afford it.  I believe, and documents  show, that I have been the victim of a predatory loan and/or fraud. Long story short, Diamond Credit Union, 2626 W. Freeway, P.O. Box 2988, Fort Worth, Texas 76113 filed a Complaint in Mortgage Foreclosure.  The ‘Verification’ which is attached to the complaint is signed by Cary W. Adams, Senior Vice-President, Colonial Savings, F.A.  The thing is, there is no Diamond Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas; but, there is a Colonial Savings, F.A. at that address.  Needless to say, the Common Pleas Court found in favor of Diamond Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas. Facts:  Applied for a loan of $214,000.00 with Diamond Credit Union, 1600 Medical Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464 on or about April 1, 2007. Received Notice of Right to Cancel on April 5, 2007 and believed that I did sign a Mortgage with Diamond Credit Union, Pottstown, PA on April 9, 2007 On April 1, 2007 Diamond Credit Union Closed the Loan I was getting, Conventional Real Estate Loan including Purchase Money First.  (That is correct what you are seeing!  I had a loan # which was ‘CLOSED’ before I got the Notice of Right to Cancel on April 5, 2007 and before I signed any alleged Mortgage papers on April 9, 2007). On April 18, 2007, a Mortgage was recorded in Berks County, Pennsylvania stating that Diamond Credit Union, Pottstown, PA 19464 is the owner of the Mortgage I supposedly signed for; and, it still is the same to this date of this report.  There has been no recorded transfers, yet the suit is filed, not amended, that Diamond Credit Union, On June 1, 2007, Diamond Credit Union in Pottstown, PA transferred this Mortgage to Colonial Saving, F.A.; Conventional Real Estate Loan including Purchase Money First. September 7, 2007, a ‘Mortgage Loan History belonging to Colonial Savings, P.O. 2988, Fort Worth, Texas 76113 which indicates no date but a beginning Principal Balance of $213,673.27; and shows first payment being September 7, 2007 of $2,310.00; Escrow being $510.57;  Escrow Balance being $510.57; Interest listed as $1,691.58; Principal listed as $107.85; Principal Balance of $213,565.42; Optional Insurance is $0.00; Late Fees listed as $0.00; and unapplied Funds or Miscellaneous Fees being $0.00.  Noted on this Mortgage Loan History is a date of 12/31/2007. In 2011 there was a loss of income and Survivor Benefits.  CU MEMBERS (Colonial Savings founded this Credit Union) sent me the notice to apply for a modification which I did; however, I was told that the investor refused any recommendations for modification and that Diamond Credit Union is a private members credit union and they are not subject to federal re-modification mandates. Presently, a Summary Judgement was enter based on bogus information which is very evident.  I am being forced to move and have to claim bankruptcy. It upsets me to know that I am not the only one this is happening to.  Unfortunately, their pockets are deeper (thanks to us who they trample on) and I cannot afford an attorney to fight and expose them for the injustices and crimes they are committing against the ‘consumer’. I would like very much to hear from others who are going through this same injustice. I have proof of everything I stated here and it is a matter of public record but they are still allowed to continue this illegal activity. By the way, they are both ‘Black Listed on the MERS website’ as well.

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With the increased fraud financial institutions are committing on homeowners over the years, especially with those homeowners who are trying desperately to workout a payment arrangement comparable with todays economy, homeowners are forced to take drastic measures to bring the fraud to the judicial systems attention.

Check this out:

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It is very disturbing, to me, that electronic filings will now be the wave of the future, especially with sensitive documents such as mortgages, loans, notes, affidavits and agreements, etc.  Fraud will be rampant, I would think, to say the least.

Check out this video…….

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You may have already been foreclosed on and think that is the end of it.  It is if you have moved on and are now enjoying the benefits of being set free from a fraudulent home loan/mortgage; but, what about you who are still suffering the effects of the misrepresentations and bogus signatures that have tightened that noose and brought you to total submission.  You have or are going to lose the one thing you are fighting so hard to keep and no one is listening to you.  “It is illegal!”, you say.  The Court just wants you gone and case closed!  What should you do?

Well, I am hoping to bring you other cases and pleadings you can use to help yourself as well as attorneys who will be more than willing to help.

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PNC Bank in PA Foreclosing on Wrong House in Pierce County, Washington

Seems that Pennsylvania Financial Institutions, such as banks and credit unions, are making some big decisions in other states without facts or by using bogus addresses in other states to achieve their means.  Check this out:

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I am posting this to let homeowners and those looking for a loan or mortgage, know what could befall them with the deceitful manipulations that credit unions and banks are beginning to practice. If they are left to continue, this will be a nightmare for all homeowners in all states. Following is a real life, going on now, situation of a lawsuit that should have been dismissed, thrown out! If and when enough people realize what is happening and begin responding, I will have to figure out what the next step will be to bring this to the attention of the regulators because, obviously, they are not doing anything to stop this Sheriff Sale and allowing these financial institutions to continue illegal practices at the expense of the American homeowner!! Looking forward to your feedback or personal experience with this type of situation in foreclosure.


RE: Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings, F.A., 2626 West Freeway, Fort Worth, TX

Diamond Credit Union vs AB and CD
CP; Civil Division; NO. 12-4047 Berks County
Summary Judgment (in rem) Entered on September 16, 2014

A lawsuit in Foreclosure was filed against AB and CD, Berks County, Pennsylvania on March 14, 2012, Court of Common Pleas, Civil Division, Berks County, NO. 12-4047. Plaintiff: DIAMOND CREDIT UNION, 2626 W. Freeway, P.O. Box 2988, Fort Worth, TEXAS 76113 VS Defendants: AB and CD,  PA.

The plaintiff in this lawsuit is an entity that does not exist and is not a legal and bona fide business in the state of Texas. This suit should have been dismissed without further fact finding; however, the lawyers who filed the lawsuit on behalf of this entity, that does not exist in Texas, does represent a financial institution registered as Colonial Savings, FA in the state of TEXAS, which is operating a mortgage broker subsidiary under the name CU MEMBERS MORTGAGE, a federally-chartered credit union.

AB and CD were approved for a mortgage with Diamond Credit Union with offices in the state of Pennsylvania only; and, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in Texas, this particular credit union is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Also, OCC in Texas, on December 19, 2014, states the following with respect to the affiliation of Pennsylvania’s Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings, FA in Texas: “Based on our research, we could not find any evidence that the above financial institutions are affiliated.” Furthermore, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in Virginia states that “…….regarding Diamond Credit Union, located in the state Pennsylvania, is a state-chartered credit union. The National Credit Union Administration is the regulatory agency for federally-chartered credit unions.” NCUA informed Michelle and Kenneth that a copy of their letter was being forwarded to the Pennsylvania Department of Banking in Harrisburg, PA.

What disturbs me is that we have financial institutions, in corporate America, collaborating with credit unions (federally and state-chartered), and investors to deceive hardworking Americans and foreclose, repossess, or overcharge for member fees or whatever.

The court system is overwhelmed and these financial institutions know it; and, they manipulate and alter documents whenever and wherever they deem needed and necessary. Sad part, the court will continue with the proceedings and let the next level handle the legality of the facts. This means that the hardworking American does not have deep enough pockets to fight the injustices and these financial institutions pockets get fatter and they become more empowered with overstepping their boundaries. Such as with this case:

Complaint in Foreclosure, Common Pleas Court judge figures somebody has to pay somebody and does not want to be hearing facts, for days, relating to this case; hence, issue a Summary Judgment on behalf of plaintiff, then comes the Sheriff Sale; and then someone, a mystery investor or whoever, will get the property and continue to make money. There is no concern about the family who is worrying about saving their home and who really owns the mortgage/Note or where their payments are really going. Also, with this case, a bogus entity was used and will set a precedent for them to continue this practice. These financial institutions are also saving tons of money by not having to pay court and real estate transfer fees and filings. Furthermore, this is now being done across America; and, with the allowance of ‘electronic filings’ of these very sensitive documents being accepted with the Court’s Department of Records, how will a homeowner really know that they have paid the mortgage off to the rightful mortgage holder?

This Sheriff Sale is being considered legal even though the plaintiff does not exist!!!   ISN’T THIS CRAZY!!!     This Sheriff Sale can be stopped but this family cannot afford the cost of proving what is right in front of the faces of the judges. And, the attorneys that defend these legal practices cannot say that they had no knowledge of anything in this case!! Homeowners can become aware of what could happen to them down the road, what they may be going through right now, or what may have already happened to them. Maybe you can help us find a way to get this out to the people and uncover this illegal practice.

I think all Americans need to know what is sneaking up on them regarding home mortgages and loans!!

Thank you for taking the time to view this email and I hope to hear from you.

Furthermore, here is what I believe is happening, as with this situation:

My scenario of how Diamond and Colonial are doing business on a “this is how it’s done” basis which AB and CD have been told that “this is how it’s done “.

(1) CD and AB mortgage with Diamond Credit Union
(2) Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings are both registered with MERS but has a Non-ETransaction Status
(3) Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings have pending investment deals with other investor(s) and listing Diamond Credit Union as both being “Lender/Servicer” at the same address 2626 W Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76102; and, obviously these investor transactions are pending “Foreclosure”.
(4) Diamond Credit Union must be winner of any pending foreclosure case for deal to be valid. After all, most judges do not want to get that involved with these cases. Both Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings, F.A. know and use this to their benefit; and, they have deeper pockets than we do and keep going until we cannot afford it any longer or the expense outweighs the value of the home, for us. Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings, F.A. still win.
(5) Diamond Credit Union and Colonial Savings, F.A. then “close deal” with any investor(s).
(6) Diamond Credit Union then can file required documentation for real estate deals in the state of the foreclosure, such as with me and CD, in Berks County, PA. It will appear that they were evicted and Diamond Credit Union resold the property to the new owner(s) without any regard for real estate law requirements before this point for transferring ownership of the Note and Assignment in the state of the foreclosure.

IT ALL APPEARS LEGAL and nothing shows of the avoidance of paying business taxes, transfer taxes, real estate fees and so on.

Too many families have and are still losing their homes because of these dirty handed schemes and actions that they are getting away with.

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Hello world!

Welcome to FORECLOSURES BLAST!  We are very interested in hearing of your experience and update.

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